“Children in Government Practicing Nursery School Nkwen could wash their hands, however, with the sensitization from SHUMAS aided by the use of posters with pictures and the construction of 3 hand washing stations and soap provided, these kids have improved their hand washing techniques significantly and have learnt more about the COVID-19 pandemic and Cholera prevention. I am now confident of our abilities to prevent ourselves and the community from the spread of the COVID-19 and Cholera all thanks to SHUMAS and her partners Aid Camps International”, Madame Muluh Margaret the head teacher of the Government Practicing Nursery school Nkwen since 2008.

This was during the handing over of newly constructed hand washing stations, soap and sensitization of school kids, teachers and parents of GPNS Nkwen on the prevention measures against the spread of COVID-19 and Cholera by SHUMAS. The project was aimed at improving the preparedness of the school towards the prevention of the spread of these disease. SHUMAS and partners therefore;

  • Carried out the sensitization of the over 180 kids, 6 teachers and the parents on prevention methods against COVID-19 and Cholera
  • Constructed 3 hand washing stations with a drainage system to evacuate all waste water out of the reach of the kids
  • Provided 3 hand washing buckets with attached taps to be used at the hand washing station
  • Provided Hand washing soap for the kids and teachers

The 3 hand washing stations, cartoons of hand washing soap and sensitization posters were received by the head teacher of the school. Understanding the effects of these diseases, SHUMAS has engaged on empowering schools and providing facilities to help prevent these killer diseases from entering and spreading in our schools. The actions of SHUMAS in GPNS Nkwen, Bamenda III, Mezam Division of the North West Region of Cameroon comes barely a month after similar interventions in 2 schools in Limbe, Fako, South West Region of Cameroon.

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