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Who We Are

Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS)-Cameroon is a Development and Humanitarian Non-Governmental not for profit Organization. SHUMAS head office is located at Mile Six Nkwen, Bamenda with zonal offices across the country. SHUMAS was recognized as an Association in 1997 per the 1990 law of association under authorization number 1082/E.29/IIII/VI.7/APPB. In 2013, SHUMAS was recognized as a full flesh Non-Governmental Organization by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization under decree number 00000196/A/MINATD/SG/DAP/SDLP/SONG. SHUMAS is an organization in special consultation status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2013 and equally a member of the NGO Committee on Social development with the UN since the 4th of February 2016.

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Our Services

Women Empowerment

Women represent a majority of the world’s population, but they often don’t have the same opportunities as men to participate in economy an….


Primary and secondary education is nominally free in government-run institutions in Cameroon, but the burden of providing adequate…

Shelter programme

The ongoing Anglophone crisis which has persisted for 4 years as has been the Boko Haram in the Far and North and attacks in the East from rebe…

Food Security

The Anglophone crisis which started in 2016 as a mere teachers and lawyers strike has progressively escalated into a full armed conflict between se….


Cameroon like many African countries south of the Sahara is blessed with rich agricultural potentials. Unfortunately these potentials remain largely unt….


In consequence of the ongoing crisis in the North West and South West Region, most families have become food insecure which has led to high rate ….

Impact Stories

Nfor Dieudonne / State Registered Nurse - Sop Integrated Health Center Ndu.

I was privilege to be trained amid other nurses for the 2012/2013 batch of candidates under the SHUMAS scholarship program (Spreading health). After graduation I have been serving in my community since February 24th 2015. In Sop community, there were insufficient trained nurses to attain to the health needs of the community and its environs.

Lavngeh Beri Mengni / GTC Nseh - BC.

SHUMAS is paying my school fees for the second time now. My mother is of late and my father is the one that applied for this opportunity from SHUMAS. My father used to create and sell drums but recently developed problems with his legs and can no longer work. We are ten of us and our mother is of late. Thanks to SHUMAS for the opportunity as i promise to do well in school.