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Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS)-Cameroon is a Development and Humanitarian Non-Governmental not for profit Organization. SHUMAS head office is located at Mile Six Nkwen, Bamenda with zonal offices across the country. SHUMAS was recognized as an Association in 1997 per the 1990 law of association under authorization number 1082/E.29/IIII/VI.7/APPB. In 2013, SHUMAS was recognized as a full flesh Non-Governmental Organization by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization under decree number 00000196/A/MINATD/SG/DAP/SDLP/SONG. SHUMAS is an organization in special consultation status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2013 and equally a member of the NGO Committee on Social development with the UN since the 4th of February 2016.

Through our vision “for a Just One World and Sustainable Development”, SHUMAS focuses on Integrated Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Response with the aim to protect lives, ensure wellbeing, reduce poverty and empower target populations to realize the fullest of their potentials without limiting posterity from meeting theirs. To achieve this, SHUMAS has 12 programs that propel her to reach this goal, these include inter alia: Agriculture, Education, Early Recovery, Environmental Protection and Management, Food Security, Gender Based Violence (GBV), Health, Nutrition, Social Welfare, Water Sanitation and Health (WASH), Shelter and Volunteering.

Our Approach

SHUMAS approach is integrated, participatory and holistic; actively involving the beneficiaries at every stage of project cycle from programming, identification, formation, execution, monitoring and evaluation. With very little resources, SHUMAS through her approach is able to bring desirable impact in these communities.

The 12 programs of SHUMAS run across the 2 axes (Development and Humanitarian Response) of intervention. These programs are inter-related though independent of each other. A single project in SHUMAS in one program integrates aspects of other programs to bring about the desired change. SHUMAS trains Internally Displaced Women Household Heads on organic gardening and poultry, at the same time SHUMAS provides startup capital to these IDP women to start their own gardens and poultries, offer them psychosocial support and provide scholarship for their children. This one project integrates; Agriculture, Education, Protection, Food Security and Nutrition.


SHUMAS adopts a participatory approach to realize her vision by involving beneficiaries and communities at all levels of the project from conception, through formation, implementation and evaluation so that at the rights and the dignity of beneficiaries can be protected, accountability to the affected populations respected and at the end the beneficiaries and communities can feel like owners of the project, take better care of the project and gain skills to execute similar projects in their communities thereafter.

SHUMAS believes that meaningful change can only be achieved through integrated participatory actions. In this way, a couple of community and beneficiary needs are tackled simultaneously to create a relatively greater impact. All these actions are focused on achieving SHUMAS vision of “For a Just One World and Sustainable Development” making the actions holistic in impact.

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