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Water and Sanitation Many water sources are merely  streams that are shared with  animals and used for diverse  activities such as washing  clothes and farming. This lack  of potable water leads to a high  prevalence of water-related  illnesses, and causes women  and children to walk long  distances to fetch water,  wasting time that could be used  for economic and educational  pursuits.To address this,  SHUMAS provides potable  water to communities and  schools, and encourages good  hygiene through the  construction of toilet blocks at  health centers and schools.  Similar to school and health centre construction projects, SHUMAS provides industrial  materials and technical oversight, while the community provides local materials and  participates in construction. SHUMAS works with the community to establish a water  management committee that will oversee the maintenance and management of the water  supply after completion, and ensure the catchment area is protected. Our water systems  are either gravity flow systems or well systems. We construct new catchments and  supplies, and extend already-existing systems to expand their reach. So far, more than 35  communities and about 70 schools have benefited from potable water and/or toilets. 
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Water and Sanitation