what Our Beneficiaries say


"My name is Nfor Dieudonne a state registered nurse working at Sop Integrated health Centre in Ndu Sub division Donga Matung division. I was privilege to be trained amid other nurses for the 2012/2013 batch of candidates under the SHUMAS scholarship program (Spreading health). After graduation I have been serving in my community since February 24th 2015. In Sop community, there were insufficient trained nurses to attain to the health needs of the community and its environs. Before SHUMAS intervention most of the inhabitant use to go to nearby hospitals to consult, they didn’t have the slightest confident in the health centre. The health centre was always without staff and it didn’t operate all day round since it was only the Chief of Centre who could consult the patients.

Nfor Dieudonne, a shumas beneficiary
Nfor Dieudonne

"SHUMAS is helping me because I do well in school. I thank SHUMAS for paying my school fees. I promise to continue doing well in class.

Solivance_Shumas beneficiary
Solivance Kinyuy / CBC Bamdzeng

"SHUMAS is paying my school fees for the second time now. My mother is of late and my father is the one that applied for this opportunity from SHUMAS. My father used to create and sell drums but recently developed problems with his legs and can no longer work. We are ten of us and our mother is of late. Thanks to SHUMAS for the opportunity as i promise to do well in school..

Lavngeh Beri Mengni
Lavngeh Beri Mengni
This is the second time SHUMAS is helping me with my school fees. This is because I am an orphan and have no one to help me. I am the last child of the family of seven. My mother died in 2009 and my father who was a driver, had an accident that crippled him since 2013. I pray that God should increase the live expectancy of SHUMAS so that they should continue to pay my school fees, then I can concentrate and do well in school. I am dreaming of becoming a medical doctor
Tume Frankline
Tume Franklin, GHS Nseh