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Health   "Health is Wealth" is a common adage, but it is a far-fetched dream in the majority of  health centres. SHUMAS promotes routine vaccination as part of a network of civil society  organizations, and serving as one of two interface organizations connecting the Ministry of  Public Health to communities in the North West Region. Through our Water and Sanitation  activities, we also provide potable water supplies to communities and health centers, and  toilet blocks to schools and health centers.  Spreading Health   SHUMAS aims to enhance health services in rural communities by training 5-9 nurses  yearly for rural community health centers. Communities select a youth eligible to train as a  nurse, who applies to participate in the program. SHUMAS pays the tuition of the selected  candidates throughout their 3-year training program at a government-authorized training  institution. Following their training, the nurses return to the community that nominated them  to work in the rural health centre for a minimum of 3 years. More than 30 nurses have  completed their training already, and more are currently on training. This means that more  than 30 rural communities now have a trained professional offering improved care in their  communities.  Rural Health Centers  SHUMAS rehabilitates and equips at least  one health centre each year. SHUMAS  provides industrial materials for  rehabilitation, while the community  provides locally available materials. In  addition, SHUMAS equips health  centers  by donating items such as ward beds,  delivery beds, drip stands, baby cots, tables  and chairs, cupboards, laboratory reagents,  microscopes, thermometers, generators,  wound-dressing kits, etc. More than 6  centers have been rehabilitated and more  than 15 centers have been equipped with  much-needed material.  PROVARESSC PROVARESSC is a platform of civil society organizations working to monitor and  strengthen routine vaccination and health systems in Cameroon. SHUMAS is one of two  focal points in the North West Region working to improve routine vaccination coverage and  increase the demand for vaccination services among the public. Within the scope of this  platform, SHUMAS participates in regular capacity-building workshops with other civil  society members. It trains and supervises community-based organizations at the health  district level working on improving routine vaccination coverage, and participates in  national polio vaccination campaigns.  MINSANTE Interface   The Ministry of Health has selected SHUMAS to be one of two organizations in the North  West Region acting as an interface between the ministry and communities. The goal is to  create a network of health-based organizations, build their capacity, and synchronize and  compile their reporting. This will facilitate a more comprehensive approach to health work  in the region.  Before After
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