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Forcibly displaced children and pregnant women gain access to medication

Without any relent in efforts to assist crisis-affected victims of the socio-political crisis hitting the North West region of Cameroon, SHUMAS reached out to 3500 children (6-59 months) and 1200 pregnant women by providing them with vitamin supplements (Vitamin A, and multivitamin) and  Albendazole for a period of 1 month. A project fully implemented by Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS) in partnership with Vitamin Angels-UK.

The nutrition intervention stratified according to different age groups targeted 5 health districts in the North West region precisely Batibo (Terendem), Ndop ( Mbefru, Kieshie), Wum (Fungom), Nkambe ( Binka and Mesaje), and Kumbo East (Jakiri – Nkar, Nkuv) afar to reach area accommodated by mostly Internal Displaced Persons.

DPs in far to reach areas.

  • Provision of vitamin A (100.000IU) to vulnerable children 6-11months in 5 health districts.
  • Provision of Vitamin A (200.000IU) to vulnerable children 12-59 months in 5 health districts.
  • Provision of multivitamin supplement to 1200 pregnant women in 5 health districts.

Administration of Vitamin, Albendazole and Multivitamins to children and pregnant women.

For a successful and effective intervention, 4 SHUMAS staff received E-learning (electronic learning) training on community education, eligibility criteria,  administration of vitamins, administration of deworming medication, record keeping and visual checklist.

20 community health workers received training on how to administer vitamins and deworming and are effectively working in their communities.

Capacity building of Community Health Workers

This rapid intervention has improved the health status of vulnerable persons residing in the bush, and forest settlements who have been deprived of proper health care due to the destruction of health care facilities since the onset of the crisis.

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