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 For a Just One world and Sustainable Development
Problem Current environmental trends are a global call for concern. The rate of environmental degradation is fast surpassing out ability to control.  Climate change, pollution, deforestation, land degradation, desertification and soil erosion are some of these challenges man is facing. Objective To promote environmental sustainability by training target groups on environmental protection and management and by mainstreaming environmental awareness in all SHUMAS’ programs
Environmental Protection and Management
How it works Promoting the use of the renewal energy through the creation of the renewable technical centre Training and supporting of unemployed youth, farming community leader, women groups and youth on climate smart agriculture (link) Planting of environment friendly trees (link ) Protection of water catchments Achievements We have established a renewable energy technical centre, installed four renewable energy sources (Solar, Biogas, Wind turbines and Hydro), trained over 500 participants and installed renewable energy in 10 communities. We have trained over 14000 people in climate smart agriculture Have planted 3,300,000 environmentally friendly tress Challenges Communities in need of renewable energy facilities surpass our means to provide. Limited resources to assist schools in their environmental programs Way forward Continue to train people on the use of renewable energy forms and installation in different communities Continue with tree planting and protection of water catchments Assist schools set up school environmental programs Continues training on climate smart agriculture