COVID-19 pandemic – SHUMAS at the frontline

As the global pandemic continue to wreck lives, SHUMAS is at the frontline line of COVID-19 interventions to combat the pandemic through aggressive sensitization and the provision of hygiene and sanitation kits to vulnerable and crisis afflicted victims of the socio-political crisis in the Anglophone regions of the country currently residing in farm huts, bushes and hard to reach areas.

Mainstreaming COVID-19 preventive measures into SHUMAS’ activities was/is an immediate action put in place by the organization both at the office and field level to join global actions in the fight against the pandemic.  Immediately the corona virus pandemic was reported in Cameroon, SHUMAS instantly engaged into an emergency response plan to decipher measures of intervention to curb the spread of the disease especially from reaching the vulnerable population.

Preventive measures were put in place both at the office and field levels to ensure staff remains safe as well as the people we serve.  As a rapid response to mitigate the spread of the virus, SHUMAS in her humanitarian outreach laid more emphasis on assisting people residing in enclave areas with little or no access to a proper medical health care facility.

At the office level SHUMAS was able to have;

  • A Covid-19 focal person appointed to coordinate COVID-19 activities
  • A Covid-19 team made up of the Health and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) departments was immediately put in place.
  • General disinfection of the entire office and the setting up of a handwashing station and the distribution of hand sanitizers to all office staff.
  • All staff trained on the production of hand sanitizers.
  • The respect of preventive measures effectively implemented (social distancing, the wearing of face mask, and frequent hand washing).

COVID 19 preventive measures practices by SHUMAS field staff.

As the fight continues, SHUMAS intends to continue in her massive sensitization of the local population on the pandemic as well as the provision of WASH kits. In a bid to meet our objective, SHUMAS is advocating for partnerships to be able to reach out to the targeted communities, especially communities, with little or no access to information, health facilities, and the crisis-affected population of the socio-political Crisis.  

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