Board of trustees

SHUMAS Cameroon is overseen by a board of highly qualified Trustees with varying professional backgrounds and competencies in administration, community development, conflict management and academia. SHUMAS’ Board of Trustees (BoTs) consists of community leaders, women leaders, university academia, religious leaders, environment specialists, developmentexperts, economic and health professionals and representatives of SHUMAS target beneficiaries drawn from the 10 regions of Cameroon.

The Board of Trustees oversees the organization’s work, and its ultimate corporate authority. The Board is responsible for the oversight of SHUMAS Cameroon. It adoptsand also proposes rules, regulations, and policies governing the organization. The Board has authority over the use of property, development of facilities, fiscal and human resources management. The Board of Trustees meets once a year. Board meetings allow for communication among the Trustees, Management Team, volunteers, projects staff, etc. The Trustees’ work is captured in part in resolutions and votes

The Board

Board of Trustees