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 For a Just One world and Sustainable Development
Approach SHUMAS believes in an approach to development that is integrated, holistic, and participatory.  Participatory When evaluating the feasibility of a project, SHUMAS takes into consideration not only the need, but also the commitment of the community to participate and help themselves. For example, when carrying out a construction project in a community, SHUMAS provides industrial construction materials and skilled oversight, while the community provides locally-available materials and labour. When selecting nursing candidates, SHUMAS relies on the community to nominate students. In this way, communities participate in their own development and gain the capacity to undertake future initiatives without SHUMAS’ support. Integrated SHUMAS believes strongly that isolated actions cannot lead to any meaningful development in a community. In consequence, she adopts an integrated rural development approach, involving eight different programs. These programs address different sides of the same coin, allowing development actions to be more sustainable and have greater impact. For example, creating a conducive learning environment will not necessarily improve attendance rates if students are still falling ill from contaminated water and missing classes. Each program is supported by the other programs, and each intervention achieves multiple objectives. Holistic SHUMAS programming is also holistic; it takes many different elements into consideration. Women’s empowerment is not just a standalone program; it is also mainstreamed throughout the other program areas. This is the only way to effectively achieve its objectives. Similarly, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention is mainstreamed throughout our projects, instead of being limited to the scope of the health program.