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At SHUMAS, our mission is improving lives, reducing poverty, and empowering people so that they can meet their needs without compromising the needs of posterity. SHUMAS was created and registered as an association in 1997 and as an NGO in 2013. It also has consultative status with UN ECOSOC. Since it's debut, SHUMAS has had incredible success improving lives across Cameroon: SHUMAS has funded, constructed, and equipped more than 600 classrooms throughout Cameroon and more than 60 schools have received assistance with their school environmental program. SHUMAS also supports approximately 100 underprivileged children at all levels of school each year with scholarships SHUMAS has refurbished and equipped more than 50 health centres and trained 44 state-registered nurses and nurse assistants for 44 rural health centres More than 114 rural communities have gained potable water and more than 170 schools have proper toilet blocks with hand-washing facilities attached thanks to SHUMAS’ efforts SHUMAS has established a training centre for promoting and training on climate-smart, organic agriculture techniques and four renewable energy sources (wind turbines, solar panels, hydroelectricity, and biogas); more than 7000 participants have completed training at the Biofarm. It is the only centre in the world with training on all 4 of these renewable energy sources 80 different women’s groups receive micro-credit loans at low interest rates on a biannual basis and participate in regular capacity-building sessions SHUMAS has established a vocational rehabilitation centre to train people with special needs on 7 different income-generating trades and assists graduates in setting up their own workshops; more than 60 individuals have received training SHUMAS has established a Mental Health Clinic to treat and train people with mental health issues; more than 1000 people have benefitted from the centre SHUMAS has replaced 1 million eucalyptus trees with 1.5 million environmentally- friendly trees and planted 400,000 neem trees in the Sahel region; they have also planted watershed trees and life fencing to protect more than 70 water catchment areas Over 300 international and 500 national volunteers have contributed to these accomplishments. SHUMAS relies on the contributions of volunteers to operate its programs
SHUMAS MAJOR CHALLENGES All is not a bed of roses for SHUMAS. SHUMAS is a low resource organization whose funding is project oriented specific. As a result, we have no funds for operational costs (ex. staff salaries, feasibility studies and office stationeries and equipment) In consequence, young university graduates are recruited as volunteers with no skills and rather they are coached and their capacity built. While they are serving for free, they gain practical experience which improves their profile and increases their marketability.  Once they gain the skills, they move to other organizations or institutions that can pay them and we recruit others. This makes it very difficult to plan ahead.
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