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Volunteering has been of great importance to SHUMAS since our beginning. As a low-resource organisation we rely on the contributions made by national and international volunteers and students on internship every year. Through this program, SHUMAS hopes to instil the importance of community development among youth while providing them with practical work experience. Interns and volunteers come from all over Cameroon and abroad for periods ranging from 1 month to a year. Volunteers and interns are welcome in all programs of SHUMAS depending on their field of interest and knowledge. SHUMAS has provided volunteer opportunities to more than 250 international volunteers and more than 200 national volunteers. Our doors are always open to new applications from interested persons. Larissa Mayer, international volunteer: I am a volunteer from Germany. My organization "FreieChristengemeinde Friedrichschafen" gave me the chance to work in a big NGO like SHUMAS here in Cameroon. I am glad to be a part of SHUMAS by working in the Rehabilitation Center. It challenges me and helps to collect experience in working with persons with special needs and disabilities. As well as gaining human knowledge I am able to get insight into management skills. All this will help me for my future work. Banadzem Derick Sangyuy, national volunteer: I chose to do voluntary service in SHUMAS because, as one of the best DNGO in Cameroon, what she offers will help me learn a lot in different fields. In SHUMAS, I hope to gain experience which will help me to achieve my dreams and so far, during the first few months, I have learned a lot about office work and how organisations function. I am much interested in the Environmental Protection and Management program because I want to promote nature so as to reduce climate change and its effects.
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