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The Biofarm The SHUMAS Integrated Organic Farming Training and Demonstration Centre, called the Biofarm, trains poor peasant farmers and unemployed youths on organic farming methods and renewable energy through periodic short courses, a ten-month course, and a 2-year course. Participants are trained on diverse components of an integrated farm, including cattle, small ruminants, pigs, poultry, vegetables and crop farming, as well as renewable energy. The Biofarm also has a health clinic for neighbouring communities, and a veterinary clinic for surrounding farmers. The Biofarm is also a source of organic seeds, chicks, feed, and other farm inputs for farmers around the region. It serves as a demonstration centre for integrated organic farming techniques, and as such attracts interns, professors, and researchers from across the country. So far, more than 7000 individuals have completed training at the Biofarm; our courses have a completion rate of 76%. Most of our graduates have received some form of start-up grant or material to assist them in implementing the skills they have learned. The Biofarm is the only centre in Africa that features four functional renewableenergy types. energy sources in one place. We have a mini-hydroelectricity dam, wind turbines, solar panels, and biodigesters. In addition to powering the farm, these energy sources provide lights to neighbouring communities and are a training site for course participants.
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