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SHUMAS Renewable Energy Technical Center The Renewable energy Technical Centre located at the SHUMAS biofarm is the only centre in Africa that features four functional renewable energy sources in one place. We have a mini-hydroelectricity dam, wind turbines, solar panels, and biogasdigesters. In addition to the staff, participants, and animals on the Biofarm, several schools, religious institutions, and community buildings in neighbouring communities are benefiting from these energy sources. As a unique location in Africa, the Biofarm attracts interns, professors, technicians, and researchers from across Cameroon and other countries. Participants in the training courses regularly offered at the Biofarm are trained in the operations and use of these energy sources, and annually, SHUMAS will be offering short-courses focused specifically on renewable energy.Less than 50% of people in rural areas in Cameroon have access to safe drinking water.
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