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Environmental Protection and Management

Many people in Cameroon, particularly in rural areas,

are dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods.

This makes them very vulnerable to changes in the

climate or the environment. Unfortunately, due to

climate change, Cameroon has been experiencing

changes in temperature and precipitation. This creates

new, drastic challenges for farmers. There is a need

for farmers, particularly the next generation of

farmers, to learn techniques that are adapted to these

changes and that are focused on sustainability and

environmental protection, to ensure that generations to come can continue to meet

their needs.

SHUMAS promotes environmental sustainability by inculcating youth and farmers with the values and skills for environmental protection and management. We do this through training courses on integrated organic farming at the Biofarm, the promotion of renewable energy sources, and through assistance to school environmental programs. In the past, SHUMAS has also carried out eucalyptus replacement programs to replace heavy water-feeder eucalyptus trees with indigenous environmentally- friendly tree species. Through this program, SHUMAS replaced 2,000,000 eucalyptus trees with 2,500,000 indigenous tree species. School Environmental Program Under our school environmental/garden program, we provide assistance to schools interested in developing or strengthening their school farms. These farms allow schools to generate funds for the purchase of didactic materials (chalk, pens, textbooks, etc.) while simultaneously giving students practical training to better prepare them for the challenges of sustainable farming in the face of a changing environment. SHUMAS provides training and equipment such as hoes, cutlasses, watering cans, and spades. So far, more than 40 schools have benefitted from assistance to their school farms.
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CopyRights @ 2016 Shumas Cameroon. All Rights Reserved
CopyRights @ 2016 Shumas Cameroon. All Rights Reserved